In Pursuit of the Best

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For our children, their children,
and theirs after that.

Utility vehicle driving down road on a farm.

Doing things differently

We’re not cut out for the prototypical way of farming. We’re constantly innovating our practices to be better. And we’ll continue to search for even better ways to cultivate harmony with the earth.

Paving the Way for a Healthier Future

By working with Mother Nature, never against her. By honoring the past and those who came before, while strictly embracing progressive practices for a healthier future. With open arms and an open mind.

Closeup of a man's hand holding soil.

Nurturing Soil and Water for Future Generations

To fortify soil health for future generations. To be diligent with water use and water conservation. To preserve our precious life-giving resource.

Improving the Land for Future Generations

In ways that leave the land better than we found it.

Avocado groves with mountains in background.

Do you know the quality of the air, water, and soil where your avocados are grown?

The quality of the fruit is determined by how it is cultivated.

Optimizing Results for Success

We’ve found that a balance between tried and true methods and state-of-the-art technology yields the best results.

Farmer tending to avocado tree and a close up of hands holding seeds.
Kelly green painted irrigation pipes

A Sustainable Approach to Irrigation and Yield

Our efficient irrigation system requires less air, water, energy, and space.

And it produces a higher yield of fruit.

Transforming Waste into Nutrient-Rich Mulch for Sustainable Agriculture

We recycle compostable waste into mulch which provides our trees and fruit with a more rich vitamin infusion.

Compost mound.
A cluster of avocados in a tree.

Holistic Practices for Healthier, Sustainable Food Access

These holistic practices put more nutritious, beautiful food on more tables.

View of an island in the distance.
Southern California coastline.
Winding dirt road through avocado trees.

Join the pursuit

Our partners are partners in business and in passion — to leave the land better than we found it.