The Heart of Simpatica

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This land is ours, but it isn’t ours. It’s been loaned to
us for a little while. We don’t take that responsibility
lightly. It’s an honor.

Our Story

  • 1960's

    Man in avocado grove.

    It all started with Jamie Johnson’s great grandfather A.J. West, a citrus farmer in Orange County, California.

  • 1970's

    Aerial of avocado farmland

    West’s passion for farming was further developed in Jamie’s grandfather Harry Johnson who went on to run orange, lemon, and avocado ranches.

  • 1980's

    Farmer in the distance in a meadow.

    As a child, Jamie followed his grandfather around the ranch which eventually sparked that same passion within him as well.

  • 2010

    Bee boxes in avocado grove.

    After working in several different capacities within the industry, Jamie sets off to build a large avocado growing operation in Brazil and partners with Jaguacy.

  • 2013

    Aerial of utility vehicle in hills of avocado grove.

    Jamie forms Simpatica with the purchase of a ranch in Ojai.

  • 2014

    Men talking on in a distance on a dirt hill.

    Scott Bauwens joins Simpatica as CEO and partner and works with Jamie to build its portfolio.

  • 2015

    Southern California coastline.

    The company closes on numerous avocado ranches in northern and southern growing regions of California.

  • 2015

    Man walking through avocado grove.

    Ted Travers joins Simpatica and quickly grows into the role as head of all operations and becomes a partner.

  • 2016

    Water reservoir at the top of mountain.

    Simpatica creates its own farm management division.

  • 2019

    Man and utility vehicle on farmland.

    Andrew Prechtl joins Simpatica and swiftly grows into managing all finances for the company and its ranches.

  • Today

    Aerial of mountainous avocado grove.

    Simpatica continues to grow its operations both domestically and abroad and is extremely enthusiastic about its future.

Cattle in a field with trees.

Our Team

With more than 75 years of combined experience at the helm, we’re committed to avocados and to the business behind them.

Jamie Johnson | Founder

  • Fourth-generation farmer
  • 20+ years of experience in the global avocado industry
  • 8 years on Hass Avocado Board
  • Dean’s Advisory Board at the University of California Davis
  • University of California Agriculture Issues and Economic Center board
“The people, the land and the experiences are what fulfills and drives me.”

Scott Bauwens | CEO

  • 21+ years global executive management experience in avocado industry
  • 12 years Vice President of Global Sourcing with one of the larger U.S. avocado distributors
  • 10 years, Board of Directors Hass Avocado Board
  • 7 years, Board of Directors California Avocado Commission
  • 3 years, Board of Directors California Avocado Society
  • Member of Secretary of Agriculture’s Avocado Inspection Committee
“The triumphs, tragedies, growth of our employees, culmination of our culture, relationships, the struggles of farming and starting a new company – all of it simply the most beautiful moment of my career.”

Ted Travers | COO

  • 11 years of experience in the avocado industry – boots on the ground and hands in the soil
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of large-scale ranch management
  • Environmental Horticulture Science educational background
  • Fire Safe Council Advisory Board Member, Gaviota Coast CWPP
“To make rigorously conscious decisions daily to fortify a healthy crop and equally as important a healthy environment for future generations to come.”

Andrew Prechtl | Asset Manager

  • A background of public accounting with EY with a focus in real estate and private equity
  • California Avocado Commission Director and Finance Committee Member
  • Graduate of the University of Southern California; BS Accounting, BS Business Administration
  • Licensed California Real Estate Broker
“A place that allows our team to use our talents and passions to work towards sustainably caring for our land while producing nutrient rich fruit for many to share.”

Trevor Johnson | Field Supervisor

  • Family farmer, carrying on a six generation Fillmore ranch legacy
  • Over 8 years of hands on experience overseeing day to day avocado farming operations
  • Agricultural education background from California State University Fresno
  • Passionate about ethical land stewardship, devoted to agricultural industry growth and the advancement of sustainable agricultural practices
  • Fillmore Ag Advisory Committee member, supporting local youth agricultural educational programs
“The journey is as important as the destination. It’s the challenges that keep me pushing forward, constantly learning and growing.”

Thomas Asmann | Food Safety Coordinator / Field Safety Manager

  • 6 years ’ experience working with an organic row crop farm/operation, engaged with various levels of harvesting, distribution, sales , and quality control supervision
  • 5 years of farm administrative experience pertaining to all back office, clerical and field related requirements, data collecting and analysis, both state and county related filings
  • 5 years Food Safety/GAP supervision, execution of audits, and implementation of protocols and procedures across ranches in both Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties
  • Lifelong exposure to the food industry. Passionate about cooking, with an ongoing intent to source locally and sustainably.
“Observation is an important part of growing. To watch the patterns as seasons change, it is up to us to adjust, so we are working with nature not against it.”
Avocado groves.

Our Values

Caring for the land and natural resources

We believe in leaving the land better than when we started. Acre by acre, tree by tree, we care for, respect, and do what’s right by the soil, water, air and all other natural resources.

Being artistic farmers

We embrace an imaginative spirit, innovative thinking and challenge the status quo. We do it because we are passionate and believe in the value of our work.

Being one

We are inclusive and believe together we are better than any one individual. All team members are vital, have a voice and are empowered to contribute in meaningful ways.

Caring for people and families

From the hard working men and women who pick our fruit to the sons and daughters of our employees and the families who gather around dinner tables to enjoy our fruit, family drives what we do.

Partners for success

We can’t do what we do without the support of our partners who rely on us for exceptional financial and operational stewardship, reporting and returns. We are aligned on driving our collective business objectives, and in turn collaboratively growing California and Brazil’s best avocados.

Winding dirt road through avocado trees.

Join the pursuit

Our partners are partners in business and in passion — to leave the land better than we found it.